Questions & Answers

Delivery & Assembly

Do you need foundations to set up a tent?

No. Our tents are anchored to the ground using pegs. This means you can set up your tent on almost any surface and save yourself the cost of foundations. For substrates that will not take pegs, HALTENT offers anchoring-free alternatives such as ballasting.

How long does it take to assemble a pagoda marquee?

It takes 2 people 15-30 minutes to completely set up a pagoda marquee depending on level of practice. The only tool you need is a hammer for the ground pegs. We also recommend the patented HALTENT lifting device.

How can I set up and inter-seal several Quadroflex tents in a group?

The tents are erected at a distance of approx. 20-30 cm with their beams in parallel alignment (horizontal roof beams). The tents are interconnected with a U-shaped running tarpaulin gutter, which is drawn into the outer piping of the beam. The new HALTENT clip-on design is recommended for this type of system, as you can add room dividers or partition tarpaulins in any position; a technique that is unique to Quadroflex.

Can the Starflex star tent be transported in a car?

Yes! With the mast folded down, both sizes of Starflex star tent fit into a passenger car.

Is a ladder required when assembling a Starflex?

No! The mast is pushed up gradually using an assembly bar. It is secured with a locking pin.

Equipment & accessories

How durable is the PVC tarpaulin material?

The PVC coated high density fabrics are extremely robust and have proved their worth during constant application for decades. Depending on weather and demand, they can last for many years. If a tarpaulin is damaged in rough everyday working conditions, it can easily be repaired on site or simply replaced.

Does HALTENT provide heaters?

Yes! HALTENT offers mobile heaters ideal for your tent size to ensure cosy warmth inside the tent.

Which profiles are used in HALTENT tents?

The 110 x 68 mm aluminium piping profile with 4 piping grooves and 18 mm diameter, as well as the 95 x 46 mm profile with 2 piping grooves and 12 mm diameter offer ultimate protection from wind and weather. The roof tarpaulins of each zone are drawn into the piping grooves at tie spacings of 3.00 m and 5.00 m. Hoisting ropes are included. The 4-piping groove profile of lightframe tent Partyflex.maxi also means you can easily hang up decorations and accessories.

What colours does the Starflex star tent come in?

You can choose from the following colours: white
Other colours are available on different tarpaulin materials.
We can also personalise your tarpaulin using digital printing.

General questions

What services does HALTENT offer?

Our service is backed up with an extensive stock of all items. This means we can guarantee fast delivery times for spare parts, extension units and complete tents. We have a qualified team with many years of experience waiting for your call on +49 2372 9497-750. Short channels and personal contact persons help us process your order smoothly and without complication.

HALTENT also offers a 20-year availability guarantee for extensions and spare parts, so you can be sure that you can extend your event marquee for many years to come.

Can I also rent party tents and large marquees?

We're sorry, as the manufacturer we are unable to offer these tents for rent. But if you do want to rent a party tent or marquee, we will gladly forward your enquiry to your local HALTENT partner.